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Barbed Wire Art Sculptures


Each one of our barbed wire art sculptures is individually hand crafted. Our barbed wire art gives your home a warm cozy country feeling. We create a variety of country, farm, outdoor and ranch sculptures. Feel free to check out all of our designs, we make over 80 different ones!

barbed wire examples

As the artisans, we make each piece of barbed wire art one at a time, as they are made in our home. They go with almost any decor, whether it's a country, country western, rustic lodge or a garden theme. We also make custom pieces too.

We use vintage rustic-rusty real barbed wire and baling wire in our sculptures and repurpose - recycle it. We collect the wire from old farms and homesteads in Eastern Washington and North Idaho. You can hang them inside or outside.

barbed wire examples

Please note as stated above our items are made from vintage barbed wire, they have sharp points and rust and are made for your wall. These are NOT toys for children.

The photo is a stock photo but yours will look the same. The size of the sculpture is written on the picture.

The wood in the background does not come with the sculpture.

Please visit us often as we are always adding new sculptures and photographs
and updating our existing ones, many of our ideas for sculptures come from our customers.

Requests are always welcome.

Barbed Wire Art Barbed Point

We use vintage rustic barbed wire and baling wire.
You can hang our barbed wire art sculptures inside or outside.

Barbed Wire Art Barbed Point Our sculptures are individually hand crafted, each one is unique, no two at BarbedWireArt.com are exactly alike. Barbed Wire Art Barbed Point

Since each sculpture is hand crafted by us,
each one has small differences that the pictures may not show.
All of our art comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Barbed Wire Art Barbed Point

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Barbed Wire Art Barbed PointBarbed Wire Art Barbed Point